Sunday, September 19, 2010

Off to CT!

On September 6, Elizabeth flew to CT. We all just look like we rolled out of bed because her flight left at 6 am. It was fun to see her.

Waiting for Lil.

Elizabeth got to go to the gate with her friend who worked at the airport. She seemed so happy.

Lil with her cute friends.

Lil with the fam. It was so funny to see her with so many guys. She was the only girl with like 20 guys. These missionaries were so patient while they waited for her to talk to all of her friends and family.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Elizabeth in the MTC

Elizabeth has been in the MTC for over 2 weeks now and she is doing SO WELL. She is so happy. Here is part of one ;of her emails that she sent:

I have had so many incredible spiritual experiences out here. I never thought it was possible to feel the Holy Ghost 24-7 but it is. I was asking patrick and timmy what I could do to stay awake in class because I was having problems with being exhausted every day. The next day in class my teacher was talking about Joseph Smith and when he worked so hard and had the spirit with him at all times he was exhausted because it is spiritually exhausting. After a while he became used to the exhaustion and Oliver Cowdry was always so tired. Everyone thought he didn't feel the spirit, but Joseph said that he was just used to it and Oliver hadn't gotten used to it yet. So the reason we are so exhausted is because we aren't used to having the spirit with us all of the time yet and we aren't used to the spiritual work. It was so great to have my prayers answered as well.

When she got to the MTC, one of her greeters was Andrew Williams who is a Sigma Chi and a good friend of Lil's. She was excited about that. She walked in with her friend and quickly found her companion, who she loves.

She is the cutest sister missionary I have ever seen.

Lunch at the Pizza Factory
We went to the Pizza Factory before Lil went to the MTC. It was sad to see her go but it felt so right.

As happy as can be. I caught this picture of Elizabeth...probably cherishing this moment in her heart. Ok I told her to pose like this.