Monday, January 17, 2011


So I am guessing all of you are wondering how our Christmas was since we weren't able to email last week... well get excited because here you go.

Christmas Eve we started out our day with our studies like we always do and then we headed out to deliver frames that we made for the Recent converts who were baptized earlier this year. The sisters that were before us did an amazing job this year at bringing people into the gospel we are fortunate to finish up their work. After we finished delivering those we went to the Workman to see the older people we play BINGO with. We brought them the bags that S. Allen's mom made. It really made their day when we went and talked to them. It is so sad to see them sit there all day and not do anything. Later that night we were able to go to Marks house to have dinner. We drove there with the Tillinghasts and when we got there we were able to enjoy the "feast of the seven fishes". Yes, I went to a feast where all they had was fish. Dad, you would be so proud of me! They had raw tuna, calamari (SICK) that was one food I couldn't choke down. As I was trying it Bro. T said to S. Allen, "Sister Allen can you feel it still moving around in your mouth..." that is when I lost it. It was really fun over there, Mark is the only one in his family that is Mormon and so it was a good teaching opportunity for us. We ended the night over there and headed back home with the Tillinghasts. On the car ride home, I thought it would be fun to start singing the 12 days of Christmas so off we went. When we got on the fifth day we all went off on our own note and I was able to let my star singing shine. S. Tillinghast was a little shocked because my voice was rockin... I sang like the muppets do, yes it was awesome...
Christmas morning was the highlight of the year!!! The alarm went off at 6, but I woke up at 545 with so much excitement I couldn't wait! While S. Allen was praying, I hooked up the Christmas tree, and when she was done, I yelled, "MERRY CHRISTMAS" in her face!! She wasn't too happy. She told me to give her five minutes so she could wake up a little bit. While she was in the bathroom I turned on music and said, "Lets open them! We opened our HUGE stockings from the ward and man do we have enough lotion to last us the rest of our mission!! We got all the beauty supplies we could ever ask for. We also got a plethora of gloves and scarves. Once again we are so spoiled. After we were done we headed over to Dean and Susan's to watch them open gifts. We walked in and the kids were so excited to open their gifts, they are foster kids so they have never had a Christmas like that one. Susan bought us gifts, my favorites from her was stamps (can't ever have enough of those) and this really nice window scraper that you have to buy from a special car dealership, its nice because it doesn't scratch the car. After the gifts we started watching Toy Story 3 and Susan made us breakfast. We had buttermilk pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon it was so good. We headed home after breakfast got ready for the day and headed out to Steve Green's house. We love going to their house because their whole family comes over and they all sit down and eat together. We had our second breakfast that morning which was also really good. Amy's son is serving a mission in CA and so he called that morning and got to talk to everyone. Amy wants me to marry her son so she gave me the phone so I could talk to him. He seemed really nice I told him that his mom wants us to get married he just laughed and kept saying sorry. I tell you the women out here are really trying to get rid of their sons. After the Green's we went to the Tilinghasts. Sister T took us with her to pick up Monique. We were all a little nervous because if you remember she had the HUGE breakdown a few days before so we didn't know how she would act. It turned out to be really nice. Dinner was really good, we were super full but you have to be nice and eat. I won't be surprised if I come home 20lbs bigger. Around 5 we went to Brenda Greens house to have dinner. We love going over there because she is always so nice to us. She said a prayer on the food and started crying when she was talking about how grateful she was that the sisters were there. She also thanked our families for letting us come out here. It meant so much to us to hear that. After the finishing out last meal of the night we headed over to Angelo's. He gave us two gift bags and in it was some really nice gloves, tights, scarf and a $50 american express gift card. Our mouths we on the floor we told him we couldn't accept that and he just told us to enjoy it. It was so nice of him! He is seriously so cool.
Well, to no surprise, last Sunday the backeast storm hit with an incredible force which led to all mission vehicles to be grounded and we could not leave our apartments. UGH!!!! So, all Sunday night we did missionary work at the apartment. But S. Allen and I had 2 appointments, so we walked to those in the blizzard. As soon as we walked out of the house, the wind blew my umbrella backwards, and we almost got blown to the ground! S. Allen yelled, "Can't we just drive???" It was so hilarious because we probably looked so funny. Luckily our appointments were close that we walked to. It wasn't the worst storm I have ever seen, but everyone just goes crazy out here when they see snow! Its pretty funny.
Since we didn't email last week, you can probably guess the storm continued through the next day so we stayed in for a while and then went crazy! So Susan drove us to the post office to get my packages and then to lunch for my birthday. She is so sweet. It is incredible how members will do anything for us. This ward is so awesome. We then had birthday cake at LaMonica's and all the brothers kept saying "Happy Birthday Sister Cannon!" Throughout the entire week. They are all so nice to us, I love it! The Skor Bar cake that mom sent was soooooooo good and perfect on my birthday!
Tuesday was exchanges and I went to Southbury with Sister Barben. We met the new sister, her name is Sister Baker and she lived in New York and knows Chet. Pretty cool, and she is so legit. It is funny because sisters in this mission are the exact opposite of the stereotype of sister missionaries, so it makes it so much fun. SHe was a hairstylist in NY so she gave me bangs because she said my ends were not looking good haha but ya my hair looks tons better. I am getting the hookups out here!
So we have a new investigator, Linda, she is a member in the ward's mom. She said she walked into her husband's work and there was a quad sitting on the shelf and she knew it was her answer that it was time for her to join the church. She has been fighting it for a while and she has received her answer. So ya, she is all ready and will do whatever she needs to be baptized. Haha ok that makes it pretty easy for us!
So we went street contacting and met a guy that goes by the name of "Dread" (he had dread locks and he was Jamaican). That was quite hilarious! He told us that we shouldn't add to the Bible because it says so in Revelations. We then explained to him that that means don't add to the book of Revelations, not the Bible and then he told us that we were sheep being led to the slaughter. He told us he was going to keep the card of the temple but he won't take "that book". Haha gotta love these people.
So S. Allen and I went to visit a lady and she had called for us to come at 12. So we go at 12 and she answers the door in her underwear saying she just woke up but wanted us to come in. Wow... Ummm ok? So we talked with her for a while, and she committed to come to church. We felt pretty awkward the entire time... People are pretty open out here!
So for New Year's Eve, we ordered some pizza and ate it with Angelo at his restaurant. It was way fun!
We went to an open house for a guy in our ward and it was fun! We helped with the wedding and I was more than happy. I love weddings, I told Sister Allen I am planning her whole wedding and doing her photography. She is more than happy with that so we are all set.
Ok, here is your Sunday update. Don't worry, it was one of our more eventful ones! So we got a call from Monique crying so we went over there and I guess she was at the park with her dog and he bit someone because he got excited and it barely bruised the kid, so the girls dad came and chewed monique out and called the cops. So they came and took her dog away because it didn't have any tags. So she was freaking out because she didn't have any money to get the dog out of the pound and doesn't know why God did this to her again. We comforted her and she kept saying how she wanted to go to church.
So at church the next day after sunday school, she was acting wierd, and wanted to talk. SO I took her in another room and she said she didn't understand why God abandoned her and let another bad thing happen. She then went on to say that ever since she joined the church her life has gotten worse and worse and she is "done" with the church. Wow. So S. Allen said, "so that's it? You are just going to give up and let Satan win?" She then went on to say she is done and doesn't care anymore and wants life to go back to the way it was. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Luckily the bishop and first counselor, whom she LOVES came in and talked to her and she listened to them and calmed down after that. He came in and said, "Monique, what is wrong?" She said, "My life sucks." Then B. Prenoveau said, "ya, well so does mine." B. Prenoveau has been trying to adopt a child from Africa for 18months now and they haven't been able to. There are so many things going wrong in his life, and he didn't say a word to her about what he is going through which is ten times worse than what she was going through. It was such a lesson to me about humility and about why Heavenly Father gives us trials: TO MAKE US STRONGER. At the end of this long discussion, she is better and is going to work things out with the bishop. At this point, the ward is going to step in and take over because we could be potentially leaving.
To top the whole day off, Angelo said he would come to church because his restaurant wasn't open on Sunday, and he didn't show. It is incredible how him not coming to church broke my heart. I become so attached to these people out here and when they disappoint us by not keeping committments, not coming to church, telling us they don't want to meet with them anymore, or saying they won't be baptized anymore, it literally breaks my heart. All we want is for them to have the gospel which brings HAPPINESS! It is hard when people just don't see that. We went and saw him after church and after talking to him for a while, we came to realize that his conversion is not going to happen while we are here. It is just not his time yet which is so sad for us. It is so comforting to know that Heavenly Father has a greater plan in mind and we have been able to plant a seed. Although we may not see what that seed does, we did set an example.
Although we have many hard times on our mission, the moments that are spiritual outweigh the bad by so much. During testimony meeting, the theme was Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. So, I want to bear my testimony about Jesus Christ.
I know that He is my Savior. I am so grateful for what He did for me and I know he suffered a moment in the garden just for me. Sometimes we look at His suffering as a whole for the entire world, but He suffered for each of us individually. He knows EVERYTHING we have gone through. So when we go through these hard times in our lives, it is then that we must remember that He knows how we feel. I know that He died for us so that we could return to our Heavenly Father. And although He did die for us, I know that He LIVES! I am so grateful that we can be resurrected as He was so that we can return to our Heavenly Father. I know that as we strive to be like Him, we can be happier and as we serve like He did, we can make others happier. I am grateful for the gospel we have been given to know what He has asked us to do here on earth. Let us remember Him always and remember what He has asked us to do.
We loved Christmas here it was full of joy, love and lots of memories!!!! Now bring on the new year!!!!!!!!!
I love you all!

Pictures of Lil and her comapnion

So sorry the pics didn't come through, hopefully these will......we love having your daughter visit our home as we know how hard it is to be without your children on the holidays....
(our son is currently serving in Riverside, California and will be home in July!) Elizabeth is wonderful and you must be very proud of her! Not only is she beautiful, she truly has the spirit of Christ! Thanks for sharing her!
Amy Wolfe

Let it Snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

Well, last week I got to watch the UTAH byu game at President's and it was awesome besides the fact I was in a room full of byu fans. UGH! It was nice when we won though!
As of last night, it started to snow and has been on and off since then. We have about 2 inches, and everyone is freaking out! We are way excited, because that means Christmas is finally here! It is funny because S. Allen and I are used to at least a foot of snow, and everyone is so nervous about 2 inches. It is mostly about the ice that stays on the roads here. Yay for ice...
So we went to a member's house to help them set up Christmas decorations and I am not kidding when I say they had every nook and cranny filled with decorations. It reminded me so much of mom, and we had a blast setting everything up! I love Christmas!!
So in our area there is a town called Bethlehem (oh little town of). So every year they have this huge fair and we went to talk to people and hand out dvd's to people. IT ended up being so much fun! They had a nativity scene and lit a huge tree and Santa was there! We talked to this lady about her life, and she seemed interested and ended up talking to her for a half hour about the gospel which was way cool. We hope to contact her soon and set up an appointment. The town was way old so the history was incredible.
So since yesterday was Sunday, and it being tradition that the past few Sundays have been a complete rollercoaster of chaos, yesterday wasn't any different. We were at church and Monique never showed up. We look at our phone and there were like 10 missed calls from her. So I left sacrament and found out her ride never picked her up so we had to go pick her up (spirit of the law) and bring her to church during sacrament. By the time we got there, sacrament was over, and she said, "wait, does this mean I missed the sacrament? I HAVE to take the sacrament! Is there anyway I can still take it???" It was incredible for me to see how much she truly appreciated the sacrament and how she knew of its importance. So they had a mini sacrament for the 3 of us. It was a really neat experience, and the spirit was so strong as we were able to take the sacrament. It gave me a greater appreciation for the sacrament and why we go to church each sunday.
So a few days ago, we had asked Angelo if he would come to the Christmas devotional where the prophet speaks. He said he would try, and every day we went into his restaurant reminding him to come. So sunday we went over after church to remind him and he told us he didn't think he was going to make it. We were so sad. We want him to come and feel the spirit and listen to the prophet so badly! So we started driving to the church still hoping he would come, and we noticed a white van driving in front of us, and we thought "hey, angelo has a white van!!!" so we got sooooooooo excited thinking it was him, we even recorded how happy we were in the car. So as we are pulling into the church, the white van drives past the church and goes on. We were so mad! So then a few moments later, the van pulled into the parking lot and it was ANGELO!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I haven't been happier on my mission than that moment! He is always in his work clothes and apron, but he dressed up really nice and really wanted to look good. The devotional was great, and he loved it. He wanted to see the baptismal font, and he thought we were going to push him in which was funny. We couldn't stop smiling the rest of the night and he told us he had a great feeling while he was there. He is devout Catholic, so the chances of him being baptized are very small, but our faith is strong, and we are moving step by step.
So one of the sisters in our mission was having huge back problems so she went home. So, we have gained a third sister, Sister Barben. WE don't know how long she will be here, but it will be fun. President called us on Friday telling us she was coming on Sunday, so we had to put our futon to use and make room for her in our apartment.
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Love, Elizabeth

Happy Thanksgiving!

GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I had to know on Saturday if we won or not, so Sage's son goes to the U and she texted him and he texted her the score as soon as it ended and she texted me...... SO luckily I found out or I would have gone crazy. Doesn't sound like they played very well, but I am so glad they won. We get to watch it at President's house after we email and I am excited to watch, but not until the third quarter when we actually decide to score. The AP, who is a huge byu fan, made a bet with me that whoever wins, the loser has to buy the other lunch at 5 guys. I am excited to rub it in his face. I have been representing by wearing red the whole weekend.
GOOD NEWS!!!! WE ARE STAYING IN TORRINGTON FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! When Sister Allen and I found out, we were jumping for joy! Our ward was extremely excited as well, it is really cool to see a ward that loves sister missionaries as much as they do. They all treat us like family and we love them so much.
So last P-Day, Ellie's mom, Sage did mine and Sister Allen's hair and it was so much fun! We just hung out at her salon all day and just talked about tons of fun, random stuff so it was so great. She gave me this cool straightening treatment so that when I blow dry my hair, it is straight and I don't have to straighten it. It will make my hair healthy again!
We had exchanges this past week, and Sister Green came to Torrington and she has the most beautiful voice! I kept asking her to sing because it was so pretty. She sang Homeward Bound by Mormon Tabernacle Choir and it was unbelieveable. It is incredible how music can bring the spirit so strongly and quickly. We sang in all of our appointments together and she said she always does that even with investigators because the spirit can testify strongly when singing. It was a really neat experience because I actually sounded good when singing with her haha.
On Wednesday, it was my 99th day on the mission, so it is tradition to go to a restaurant called 99. So Sister Allen and I went and had a fun dinner. Our waiter asked us if we were nuns in training. Surprisingly, that question pops up a lot. It is crazy to think that I have been out this long.
On Thanksgiving, we went to Ellie's house, and the food was incredible! Sage is an amazing cook and she makes EVERYTHING from scratch, so needless to say, we were stuffed and everything tasted perfect. We were there all day and were lucky enough to watch UP and so I was more than happy. I love that movie, I cry everytime I watch it. I started laughing at the many parts that Timmy, Patrick and Alex quote and I miss that. It was a perfect Thanksgiving with relaxing and hanging out with Ellie and Sage.
We met with Bill again and we taught him the Plan of Salvation. He goes, "I already knew all this, you guys just kinda laid it out for me. And I am going there! (talking about the celestial kingdom). He is golden. His little grandson who is always at the restaurant asked if we were coming back the next day. We told him next week and he was really excited for us to come. It is interesting how children are always drawn to us because we have the Holy Ghost with us and they love that. Mosiah 3:27
Sunday was quite interesting..... It started off good, Monique came to class and everything was great until her daughter, Hannahrose, had to go to the bathroom. SO they came and got Monique and after she came out of the bathroom she threw a huge fit because she didn't want to go back to class. So I took her back to class and Monique said someone had given her a dirty look because she was black..... So she then went and sat on the couch and said she was never coming to church again because she was sick of being treated like crap. We tried telling her that whoever had glared at her didn't mean it and she didn't like that. We tried to talk to her but she was just furious. So we left her there and one of the members of the bishopbric (whom monique loves) came up to us to ask what was wrong. We didn't know what to do because there was nothing we could say that would make her feel any better. We prayed and he went to talk to her. While he was gone, I felt an overwhelming feeling of the spirit telling me everything was going to be ok. He came back a few minutes later saying that he talked to her and she was fine now. It was incredible to know that after all we could do, we turned it over to the Lord, and He blessed us with a confirmation that everything would be alright. We went to talk to her and she was crying and saying how sorry she was for how she acted and told us she loved us (which has never happened) and she would try to be better.
Later that night, the ward had a surprise party for Sarah, a recent convert, and it was so much fun! She was so excited and had never had a surprise party before. We were so happy providing happiness for her. I have realized on this mission that I am happiest when I am serving others.
Well, the work is great, and I am starting a new transfer with Sister Allen and we are excited to work hard!
Love, Elizabeth

Turkey Day!!

Well, this past week 3 people dropped us, and that was a bummer. The good thing to know is that Heavenly Father has a better plan for them and they are just not ready to accept it yet. I just hope they do some time in their lives. One of them had a baptism date too so we were way sad.
So Thom sent me some spanish lines, and Sister Allen and I got them down way good! We are prettty much fluent! Just kidding, but it is nice to know some lines to get by because there are many spanish people in our area. But ya we feel way cool when we get to say those few lines.
So we went to eat lunch at La Monica's this past week to talk to Angelo and since he is Italian, I decided to joke about the mafia..... Bad idea.... His brother asked us if we were reporters and it was super awkward. Angelo knew we meant no harm, but his brother was a bit alarmed. So then the next time we went in there, Angelo played off like he had no idea what the mafia was and was asking me what I thought it was.... My face went bright red I am sure. I thought it was only in Italy, but supposedly it is pretty big here and our ward mission leader couldn't believe I asked him if he was in the mafia.... Haha its ok, he said he would take care of us (in other words he won't have us killed.)
So Tuesday we had the whole day planned out and from the beginning, everything was a half hour to an hour behind schedule. We decided to visit some less active members and they told us they had read the scriptures and seen how it has blessed their lives and they are going to continue doing so. It was awesome! I loved it how they recognized the blessings. So then on our way home, we decided to stop by another investigator's house and see how they were doing but they weren't home. From there, we were walking down the street and saw a guy named Christopher and we started talking to him. He said his mom had just died and pointed to the book of mormon and said it just might be exactly what he needs in his life. So cool! If we hadn't had been walking at that time at that place and hadn't been running late all day, we wouldn't had run into him. I love how Heavenly Father puts us where we need to be when we need to be there to influence people's lives. We see it all the time and I love it.
So on Thursday we went to a dinner appointment and she had a cute little puppy like Oliver and during dinner, she picked him up and let him lick off her plate DURING DINNER!!!! Haha I was laughing so hard inside and S. Allen I could tell was just dying. Then S. Allen found cat hair in her food. We have a strong hate for animals ever since we have come to Connecticut.
We went and taught Bill at Burville Deli (his family owned restaurant) and he kept asking us all of these questions because he had read and was interested. Now we meet with him every Friday and we are so excited! He really loves it and wants to know more because he feels what we are teaching him is right. In his word's it "makes sense." That is what is so incredible about our gospel is it literally makes sense!
So on Saturday we had Thanksgiving Dinner at Susan's because she won't be here for Thanksgiving and it was so much fun. It just feels like home at her house. She calls us her daughters and treats us like her own. Monique came too and she is feeling much more comfortable with everyone which was awesome!
S. Allen and I taught Young Men's and Young Women's yesterday and it went so well. They asked us to mainly talk on what we wish we knew before we came on our missions. It is so interesting because neither S. Allen and I were ever planning to go on missions so we never thought about preparing for them before we came. It was great to think about what we wish we would have known to prepare them for their missions. We talked about D&C 18: 15-16 and how we need to have our own conversion before we go out and teach others the gospel. We also focused a lot on teaching by the spirit and having a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful I have been able to serve this mission because my knowledge of the gospel is so much stronger. I have learned so much while I have been out here and it will only continue. I told them about how there is no greater joy than seeing someone receive the happiness that this gospel brings. I nkow this is true because I have seen it!
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey Day!!
Love, Elizabeth

Catch up!!

Wow I am behind with blogging. Christmas was hectic but I will do better now. This is pretty hilarious.

Nov. 8
Well, as you can tell from the title of the email, Sister Allen and I woke up today to snow on the grass. Well, not quite snow, but mostly ice everywhere. Patrick can understand what I am talking about. Here in New England, everything is ice. So the winter will be full of exciting coldness which consists of ice encompassing everything. Oh yay... BUT, with the change of weather, that means CHRISTMAS is coming soon! This also means that we can start listening to Christmas music! Sister Allen says we can't listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving. I am slowly changing her ways and now she has moved it up to November 11th. WOO WOO!! CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!
We taught a less active family last Monday who says that living in Connecticut is like living in Hell and they want to move to Utah. They rely on others to make their religion happen. It has caused us to become very grateful for our families and where we live. Also it made us reflect on our attitudes and how attitude is everything. We talked to them about how it shouldn't matter where you are, but it should matter if the spirit is in your home and if you have a loving family and children. They didn't respond to that well. So thank you family for realizing the important things in life... Love and family.
We taught Marie and she knows everything about our church is true, and she knows the Holy Ghost is present, but she does not want to break the tradition of her family and Catholocism. Wierd, we haven't heard that before. So, we taught her about what Christ expects of us here on earth. We will see how this week goes when we lay out that she will be in trouble if she doesn't accept it.... haha just kidding but really. You should all read D&C 39 and place your name in there. Its pretty cool, we may do this with her.
We had zone conference on Wednesday and it was SO AWESOME!! It was an extreme spiritual boost which rocked. President Pehrson is such an incredible man, he has such amazing insights on everything. We all bore our testimony and it is incredible how much my testimony has strengthened of the knowledge of the gospel.
So I had quite an interesting experience..... We were tracting and there was a dog barking and it was a golden retriever. Sister Allen suggested we not go to that house because it wouldn't stop barking. I thought that since it was a golden retriever and they are usually pretty nice I figured we would be fine and a dog isn't going to stop me from sharing the gospel...... So, we walked up to the dog and I was being nice saying, "hi puppy!" Then I turned to sister Allen and said, "See its a nice dog!" As I said that, the dog, ATTACKED ME!!! I went running and screaming and sister allen followed me. Luckily there was an invisible electric fence around the yard so the dog stopped there. Let me just say my fear of dogs has sadly returned.
The next house we went to, a lady walked out and said, "I bet I can challenge you." In our confusion, we said, "ok?" She then said, "You are Jehova Witnesses aren't you." We said no and said we were from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and she then said, "Ya I don't like you either, so you can (with a wave of her hand) keep walking." Haha we just laughed because she looked like an idiot. Then, we went to another house and this guy said "I don't want to hear a bunch of mumbo jumbo from radicals.." He was blind and couldn't see how pretty we were, that is why he was so rude... haha.
So we had planned to tract Victoria Street and on our drive there, S. Allen said, "Hey we should tract Northridge one of these days." So we just happened to end tracting Victoria street early, so we decided to take up Northridge with our spare time. We walked up to this house and knocked to find two adorable 15 year olds who just happened to stay home from school that day because they didn't want to go. They let us in and we talked to them about religion in their lives. They were catholic and didn't understand the trinity. We explained to them that they are 3 separate beings but one in purpose and they were like "wow that actually makes sense!" We told them that we weren't planning on tracting that street and how it wasn't a coincidence and one of the girls said, "Oh I love signs from God!" Haha my kind of girl! Anyway, they want to learn and love everything we say. We just have to meet their parents haha hopefully they will be ok with us coming over. Once again the Lord puts us where we need to be!
We went to dinner with sarah, one of our recent converts and it was quite traumatizing. We went to her favorite pizza place (which wasn't our favorite) and it was just... interesting. The cook, as well as sarah, had quite the cough and she kept scratching her dead skin which flaked onto the pizza. I think Sister Allen was 2 minutes short of throwing up. You can use your imagination with how wonderful it was....
We met with Nick and we set a baptism date for him! He wants to get baptized on his birthday and he is excited which is december 7th. So we are doing very well and have a lot of success.
Well, I had a very spiritual moment that I want to share. There is a song that is called, "My Kindness Shall Not Depart From Thee" and it talks about how the Lord will never leave us. In 3 Nephi 22:7-8 is where they took the words for this song.
Although we may feel that sometimes the Lord has forsaken us, it is because he wants us to be strengthened in our trials. He does this because he loves us. And although He does this, His kindness never leaves because He is doing this for us, to pull us and change us in ways we never thought we could. How blessed are we to know why the Lord does this and that through our trials we are strengthened. "I love the Lord! In Him my soul delights!"
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Love, Lil