Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lil is finally coming home!!! - TIME CHANGE

Lil comes home on Friday, the 9th.
Her flight lands at 1:55.

Charlie's Angels

The other day this lady says to us, "You three look like Charlie's Angels!!" A few days later, a guy in our ward says, "You three look like Charlie's Angels, but that isn't very fitting, so what is your mission president's name? We will change it to Evan's Angels!"
So the nickname has stuck. Now everyone in our building and some of the ward members do it. Kinda funny, but we don't go around killing people. We try to do the opposite.
Yesterday was Juan's baptism and it went so well. He was glowing and so many of the ward members supported him. The ward is so great with support out here.
It was Sister Irizarry and my last Sunday and it was a neat day. SO many wonderful testimonies were given and the Spirit was strong. I love this ward so much, they have become my family.
On Friday we received a call from a guy named Mike that we had been teaching a month ago, but he stopped answering our calls. So when I picked up the phone to see he was calling, I was surprised. I answered and he seemed surprised that it was me. He then told me he didn't mean to call me but that he felt it didn't happen for no reason so he decided to meet with us. So we met with him the next day at a Papa Gino's and had an incredible lesson. He said he made some bad decisions and knows he needs to come closer to Christ. We felt we needed to comitt him to baptism right there so we did. He was hesitant so we asked him to pray right then and there if he should be baptized. He said that he hadn't been feeling the spirit because it was so hot in the restaurant and he feels it when he gets goosebumps. So he prays right there and he ends and says, "It is hotter than HECK (modified) in here and I still got goosebumps. I need to be baptized. I like the number 22, how about march 22?"
March 22 it is. What a great end to my week.
See ya'll on the flip side.
Sister Cannon.

I love to see the Temple

Well, yesterday we were sitting in a cafe having some hot chocolate and we get a call from the mission office. I answer it and they say that Sister Irizarry got her visa and she is going to Ukraine next Tuesday. It was quite shocking, because we didn't think she would be leaving this soon. It was sad, but exciting for her because she finally gets to go to her mission. It has been a blast while she has been here. I have even learned to pray in Ukranian, that is pretty cool.
This past week at the last minute we got permission to go to the temple with Angela for her first time!! It was incredible. My smile was huge as she was so happy to be in the temple. It was such an incredible blessing to see her whole progression. And guess what?!?! She decided she wants to serve a mission!!!!! How cool is that? It has been such a blessing to see her grow. I have been so blessed to have her in my life.
Last night I was feeling really lousy and we had one last appointment to go to. I felt so sick, and we decided to take me home because I just didn't feel well at all. We still had one last appointment that we were going to cancel. But then, I did not feel right about not going over, so we did. It was with this wonderful family that has been struggling, and it was the most powerful lesson I have ever been a part of. The Spirit was incredible and so many wonderful things happened that I cannot even begin to explain. It was without words. But I do know that the Lord loves us individually and we are always worthy to pray to Heavenly Father no matter what happens because He loves us.
I love you all!!
Love, Sister Cannon

Friday, February 24, 2012


Last week we made it to nordies and I found the perfect shoes but I wanted ot wait until i got the outfit to make sure they were right. So we told Vaughn we would be back the next week to buy them. We went back yesterday and went straight to Vaughn and he went to grab the shoes. He came back out with sadness and said they were out of my size.
I cried. Quote from my comp, "She won't cry when she shares her testimony but she will cry over shoes. The rock is crying."
So I had to find another pair, and was distraught, and then about 15 minutes later he comes out with some shoes and says,"I was looking in the wrong place, and found the shoes you wanted.
I may have cried again.
I love these shoes, hopefully I don't fall in front of everyone.

No Snow...

Another week is gone. It is so crazy how quickly these weeks are just flying by. They are so much fun and so many great things are happening; so crazy.
So, there has been no snow here. It is absolutely crazy from last winter, because by last winter we had 70+ inches of snow by now!! This year we have had 5. I really think it was because I prayed for no snow.....
This past week I hit my 18 months mark on the 18th! Golden birthday... Anyway, I burned a pair of tights... That was exciting!
We made stamps this past week with the Wrubel family, and mine were 2 feet... It is for a quote I like... BE WHERE YOUR FEET ARE.
For Valentine's Day we had dinner at a member's home. Her son was really upset that it was Valentine's Day. He said he hated it because he doesn't have a Valentine and never has had one. So I said, "Will you be my Valentine?" His face got red and he smiled. "Yes." Then the rest of the night he wouldn't leave my side. Ha that was funny.
We are teaching this new family the gospel, and the mom is less active. Her husband and step children are not members, so she wanted them to hear the gospel. He mostly wants his kids to be baptized, he doesn't really care what church it is in. So we have been teaching his daughter because the son didn't really want to participate at first. The lessons have been going so well with her, but we have been trying to get the whole family involved.
We decided on Saturday that we wanted to do another Flicker-Tan (pray for an hour straight about the area while fasting), so we started our fast and prayed on Sunday morning before church. It was so neat, of course and went well. We headed to church and the first person we talk to is the mother of this family. She said that her husband decided to ask the son if he wanted to hear the lessons, and he said, "Sure, I have been listening from upstairs actually." It was incredible. So now we are going to be teaching the whole family!
Later at church, about 4 people came up to us telling us they had people they want us to teach. One after another, and all of us would just look at each other every time and smile. Heavenly Father listens to us! He answers our prayers!!
Last night after our dinner appointment, we had plans to go see some people. I had a prompting to go see if a former investigator was home, so we went there instead. I have been going to his house for almost 8 months now trying to find him home and have had no luck. Last night we went, and he was home and wants us to come back to teach him again. He said he loves our church and felt something so powerful when he went.
I am so grateful for these experiences I continue to have. They are wonderful.
I love you all!!
Love, Sister Cannon

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I can't decide that the amount of fun that my companions and I are having is a good or a bad thing. We are working hard, so I am going to go with a good thing. I am having so much fun with them right now, and we are constantly teaching, so I am doing pretty well. What a great time to be serving a mission. We have been incredibly blessed, as usual, and I just love it here.
This past week was exciting!! I received a call from my zone leaders asking if we wanted to do exchanges with the Manchester Sisters. OF COURSE!!!!! I was blessed to be able to go back to my old area and serve there for a day! I can't even tell you how excited I was to be able to see all of the wonderful people in my last area. I didn't tell anyone I was coming, so everyone we went and saw were so shocked/surprised/excited to see me! I think I was more excited to see all of them. It was neat to go back and see how everyone that I taught is doing. Gordon is doing incredibly well, as I knew he would be. We went to Brenda's home, a less active we were working with, and she about had a heart attack when she saw me. That was very fun. The lesson was on something we had taught her a year ago, and she said I had taught her something last year that meant so much and stuck with her, and here we are a year later talking about that same thing. It was cool. We talked about the temple being announced (The Connecticut Temple will be built in Farmington!!!!!!) and I told her she needed to be there and that is where Heavenly Father wanted her to be. She knew that and said she was going to come back to church!!!! She finally committed to come back! It was neat, and I loved seeing her again.
That morning, we were leaving for appointments, and we were running a few minutes late. As we were pulling away, I saw the mail truck drive into the parking lot!!!! I jumped out of the car to see good ol' Troy, my mailman!! Here is our conversation...
Troy: Sister Cannon, what are you doing here?
Me: I am on exchanges for the day. You have missed all of my crazy packages haven't you?
T: Ya, they don't get ones like you used to get.
Me: Have you read that book we gave you?
T: No, but it is sitting right here in my truck! My friend took my truck one day to deliver the mail, and he said, "I read your book on my break, it was good!" So I am letting other people read it!
Me: That is good, but you need to read it!
T: I know, I know, I will.
Me: Well how are you doing?
T: Pretty good. My 15 year old is being rebellious and I don't know what to do.
Me: Well in that book it starts with a father and his sons are very rebellious, they even try to kill their brother! But it talks about what we can do to raise our children.
T: What chapter is that in?
Me: Its in the beginning, so just read it and you will find it!
T: Ok I will!
It pays off to be nice to your mailmen. I always told him that he was most loved by missionaries because he brought happiness when he brings us letters. So be nice to your mailmen!! I love how the timing was perfect, because if we would have left any earlier, we would have missed him!
As we were leaving Manchester, I told Sister Caldwell that she needed to go see this lady named Sandy that we had found street contacting, because I felt that they needed to see her. The next day, she texted us and said they went to Sandy's home, taught her a first lesson, and had a return appointment! They said she is very interested. I love seeing how Heavenly Father plans everything just perfectly. I was blessed this past week, that is for sure.
We got to go to Boston yesterday and it was a blast!! We met up with Virginia Willliams and went to lunch and shopped. I just love the city. I don't think I have served there because I would have too much fun looking at all of the clothes in windows rather than talking to people. We went early and watched the sunrise on the coast!! It was a morning to remember.
I love you all! Have a wonderful week!!
Love, Sister Cannon

Oh, the super bowl...

The other night, we were at a member's home for dinner, and they asked me about my plans for home. Suddenly, their 14 year old son turns around and says, "Wait, you are single?" I nodded yes and laughed and he said, "YES! NOW'S MY CHANCE!!!!" Haha I died laughing. I have a 14 year old admirer.
One of my comps started driving this past week to get used to the area before I leave. She is not used to the New England roads that are about the size of one and a half cars and hit a mailbox this past week. Thought I was gonna die. She needs a little bit more practice...
There is a famous artist in our ward, and she had us over today to paint, and I sent a picture of what I painted. It is really spastic haha. We also found this huge chair that we climbed on top of. It was hard in skirts but really fun.
We taught Karen this past week, and she has been trying to stop smoking for a while now but has been struggling. So we met with her, and she said it wasn't going too well. We talked to her about how many blessings she would receive if she were to stop smoking. Then, my companion talked about how as missionaries, we aren't capable of doing this work without the Lord. It is the same with quitting smoking. She cannot do it by herself. The Spirit was incredibly strong, and she started to cry and said she would quit. Brother Yaede came over and gave her a blessing and she is doing great!!
We have been working with a family with coming back to church, and some of the most incredible miracles have happened. So many experiences have gone on in their home that are too special to write about. Heavenly Father wants their family back, and we have been blessed to be His instruments to bring them back. Yesterday, they walked into church, and I don't think I have been happier than seeing them there. Heavenly Father loves each of us individually, and cares about us. It is incredible to see His love for His children.
I love you all! Have a great week!!
Love, Sister Cannon