Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh, the super bowl...

The other night, we were at a member's home for dinner, and they asked me about my plans for home. Suddenly, their 14 year old son turns around and says, "Wait, you are single?" I nodded yes and laughed and he said, "YES! NOW'S MY CHANCE!!!!" Haha I died laughing. I have a 14 year old admirer.
One of my comps started driving this past week to get used to the area before I leave. She is not used to the New England roads that are about the size of one and a half cars and hit a mailbox this past week. Thought I was gonna die. She needs a little bit more practice...
There is a famous artist in our ward, and she had us over today to paint, and I sent a picture of what I painted. It is really spastic haha. We also found this huge chair that we climbed on top of. It was hard in skirts but really fun.
We taught Karen this past week, and she has been trying to stop smoking for a while now but has been struggling. So we met with her, and she said it wasn't going too well. We talked to her about how many blessings she would receive if she were to stop smoking. Then, my companion talked about how as missionaries, we aren't capable of doing this work without the Lord. It is the same with quitting smoking. She cannot do it by herself. The Spirit was incredibly strong, and she started to cry and said she would quit. Brother Yaede came over and gave her a blessing and she is doing great!!
We have been working with a family with coming back to church, and some of the most incredible miracles have happened. So many experiences have gone on in their home that are too special to write about. Heavenly Father wants their family back, and we have been blessed to be His instruments to bring them back. Yesterday, they walked into church, and I don't think I have been happier than seeing them there. Heavenly Father loves each of us individually, and cares about us. It is incredible to see His love for His children.
I love you all! Have a great week!!
Love, Sister Cannon

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