Friday, February 24, 2012

No Snow...

Another week is gone. It is so crazy how quickly these weeks are just flying by. They are so much fun and so many great things are happening; so crazy.
So, there has been no snow here. It is absolutely crazy from last winter, because by last winter we had 70+ inches of snow by now!! This year we have had 5. I really think it was because I prayed for no snow.....
This past week I hit my 18 months mark on the 18th! Golden birthday... Anyway, I burned a pair of tights... That was exciting!
We made stamps this past week with the Wrubel family, and mine were 2 feet... It is for a quote I like... BE WHERE YOUR FEET ARE.
For Valentine's Day we had dinner at a member's home. Her son was really upset that it was Valentine's Day. He said he hated it because he doesn't have a Valentine and never has had one. So I said, "Will you be my Valentine?" His face got red and he smiled. "Yes." Then the rest of the night he wouldn't leave my side. Ha that was funny.
We are teaching this new family the gospel, and the mom is less active. Her husband and step children are not members, so she wanted them to hear the gospel. He mostly wants his kids to be baptized, he doesn't really care what church it is in. So we have been teaching his daughter because the son didn't really want to participate at first. The lessons have been going so well with her, but we have been trying to get the whole family involved.
We decided on Saturday that we wanted to do another Flicker-Tan (pray for an hour straight about the area while fasting), so we started our fast and prayed on Sunday morning before church. It was so neat, of course and went well. We headed to church and the first person we talk to is the mother of this family. She said that her husband decided to ask the son if he wanted to hear the lessons, and he said, "Sure, I have been listening from upstairs actually." It was incredible. So now we are going to be teaching the whole family!
Later at church, about 4 people came up to us telling us they had people they want us to teach. One after another, and all of us would just look at each other every time and smile. Heavenly Father listens to us! He answers our prayers!!
Last night after our dinner appointment, we had plans to go see some people. I had a prompting to go see if a former investigator was home, so we went there instead. I have been going to his house for almost 8 months now trying to find him home and have had no luck. Last night we went, and he was home and wants us to come back to teach him again. He said he loves our church and felt something so powerful when he went.
I am so grateful for these experiences I continue to have. They are wonderful.
I love you all!!
Love, Sister Cannon

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